Dear Friends,


I founded Performa, a non-profit interdisciplinary arts organization,to establish a distinctive biennial for the vast array of high caliber performance by visual artists from around the world. I was prompted by the belief that curating and contextualizing such cutting edge material serves to build an exciting community of artists and audiences, and provides a strong basis for educational initiatives.

Performance is an important catalyst in the development of the history of twentieth century art. A biennial dedicated to performance will provide audiences with a highly selected overview of the most outstanding work and will, at the same time, show the relevance of live art as an innovative and important contemporary form. We feel that the biennale will ignite a new performance scene in New York, inspiring both emerging and established artists to consider new dimensions for live performance.


Performa provides New York City with a performance festival deserving of the city’s status as a major cultural destination. It has already established a critical platform for public discussion of this important work, since at the heart of the organization is an ongoing commitment to education, history, and active investigation of performance in all aspects of the visual arts.

Please join Performa’s friends and family by making tax-deductible donations to our exciting new organization. A contribution to Performa is an investment in maintaining New York’s extraordinarily rich heritage of radical performance and in nurturing new work for the future. Your help is essential to realizing this ambitious project.

Thank you for your support!

Yours sincerely,

RoseLee Goldberg
Founding Director and Chief Curator