January 29th, 2013 · Jennifer Piejko

Kelly Nipper, then and now

By Jennifer Piejko



On Wednesday, January 30 and Thursday, January 31, Performa artist Kelly Nipper presents a newly commissioned performance at the Museum of Modern Art. Kelly Nipper with Japanther: Tessa Pattern Takes a Picture will explore the processes of photography, the influence of choreographer Mary Wigman, and Laban Movement Analysis, just as much of her previous work has moved seamlessly between photography, video, installation, movement, and personal history. 

Her performance for Performa 07, Floyd on the Floor, her first live work, was titled after 1999's Hurricane Floyd, which devastated much of the East Coast and parts of Florida. Floyd on the Floor considered the hurricane's movements through the interpretions of eight contemporary dancers handling an oversized striped parachute while responding to instructions from a square dance caller. 

Tessa Pattern Takes a Picture is directly influenced by Floyd on the Floor, and these tensions between old and new work, communication, and perspectives continue entangling in accidental and electrifying ways.





Images: Kelly Nipper, Floyd on the Floor, a Performa Commission, 2007. Performance views. 

For more information about this week's performances at MoMA, click here. For more about Floyd on the Floor, read our interview with RoseLee Goldberg and Kelly Nipper. 

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