July 10th, 2012

The Performa Writing Live Residency

The Performa Writing Live Residency seeks four unique voices to serve as year-long writers in residence at Performa Magazine.

Developed to broaden the outreach and scope of Performa Magazine, The Performa Writing Live Residency showcases a select group of diverse voices in the global arts community who will act as international correspondents covering the most exciting and significant artists and ideas in contemporary performance. These four writers will represent the next generation of art and performance critics, and the Performa Writing Residency will provide them with an incredible platform and avid readership of curators, artists, and other arts professionals in exchange for their best efforts. 

A unique online publication with a following of art professionals, Performa Magazine features documentation, short essays, interviews, video, and audio that offer original material in all mediums related to performance. Fellows will exhibit a wide-ranging and cross-disciplinary background with the ability to produce high-quality writing informed of themes, concepts, and issues of live art and performance with substantial academic and historical consideration. 

All potential candidates require:

A degree or current enrollment at the graduate or postgraduate level.  Students in their senior year of undergraduate studies will be considered on a case-by case basis; 

A strong background in fine arts, art history, art criticism and journalism with experience writing about art and culture.  This program is looking for individuals with the ultimate goal of a career in writing;

A commitment of one year-long period of contribution to Performa Magazine. This entails roughly six to eight articles and features, and frequent correspondence with editors and staff.

To apply, please send CV,  letter of interest, and three writing samples attached to amy@performa-arts.org. Please answer the following questions:

How did you first hear of Performa or Performa Magazine? What is your relationship to each?

Where are you located, and why would you be particularly suited for covering art and performance in your current location?

What issues or ideas specifically interest you concerning live art and performance?

Please prepare three short proposals for potential articles (four-line maximum).

All applications are due by August 20, 2012.

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