July 26th, 2012

What is performance art?

Noel Buddy Fantastique answers with images

This week, you may have noticed some rather unexpected images floating around Performa Magazine, as well as Performa's Twitter and Facebook accounts. Noel Buddy Fantastique (visual artist Daniel Joseph) has been peppering our site with images from art historical texts, pop culture, and his personal practice as an indirect answer to the question we posed to him: What is performance art? His response was to amass a collection of discordant found digital images, and, in the spirit of his photo collage style, aggregate them into a quickly moving slideshow, overwhelming his audience with a relentless stream of fabricated photos lifted from the Web.  The caption-less images leave us much to dissect, his answer leaving us with many more questions than we had started with or anticipated.  


This project, organized by Performa's Job Piston, is something that we will do more of in Performa Magazine, in the spirit of artistic collaboration and consideration in both defining and expanding performance today.


Noel Buddy Fantastique is one alias of visual artist Daniel Joseph. His work consists of painting, collage, video, photography, music, sculpture, installation, curating, graphics, fashion, writing, and performance art, most notably through his collaborations with Brock Enright and the Fantastic Nobodies. His photo collage projects are visible on the Facebook profile of "Saul Goode", another of the artist's aliases. 


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